One Small Tweak Turned A Doomed Business Into
A Billion Dollar Empire

Think what the right tweak can do for your business!

It’s true. One small tweak can make all the difference to your business.

For instance there is the famous story that legendary copywriter John Caples relates where changing “Do you make mistakes in English” to “Do you make these mistakes in English?”- transformed a floundering school into a booming business for decades.

Marty Edelston’s Boardroom Reports was nearing bankruptcy. He took all the money he had and hired the best copywriter he could. Gene Schwartz. Schwartz took some lifeless copy and turned it into compelling copy bullets -and the business soon zoomed into company bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

Then there is the inside story of one small tweak that turned a piddling little “box company" into a multi-billion dollar Fortune 100 company. Click the arrow below to hear me tell you the story.

Through the years I’ve refined a process that gets great results. I call it my Critique and Tweak process. And using that process I’ve created a number of critique and tweak services that can boost your products and services. Let me tell you I about the process:

Product Launch Copy

There is a ton of copy to be written and a lot of moving part in a product launch. Pre-event email sequences, pre-launch email sequences, after-event emails, squeeze page, sales page (and or video). And it all has to work and work together. It’s no wonder that top copywriters charge $10,000 to $20,000+ (and some add on royalties/commissions on top of that). Fact is, even mediocre copywriters charge almost as much.

With my Critique and Tweak services you can get topnotch feedback and guidance from a top copy pro to turn your copy drafts into super effective direct response gems. Many entrepreneurs get all the sequences of a product launch correct – only to find it all falls apart in the copy. Don’t let that happen to your product launch. Check out the details here>

Salespage (or video) and Squeeze Page

You’ve got a lot riding on your salespage (and/or video) and squeeze page. Without a high converting squeeze page, well, the whole launch is dead on arrival. And the sales page - that’s where the rubber meets the road. You either make money or you don’t depending on your sales page. Sales page formulas can be helpful but people forget a lot depends on context. A salespage after a whole series of prelaunch videos and a webinar should be different from a sales page from cold traffic. Don’t make that mistake!. Here’s how I’ll help you boost the results of your salespage and squeeze page>


There are some critical pages in your website. These are the pages where prospects determine whether you’re someone (or a company) who can help them. And it’s not just the pages themselves. It’s how they interrelate and form a progression of trust, curiosity, and authority. Does it all flow naturally on your site? Or are there dead ends in the progression where you totally lose your prospects?

These critical pages include your home page, about page, description of products or services – and if you have a blog- your first few blog posts. I’ll do a critique and tweak of the copy and the pages as well as the strategy and flow of these critical pages. I’ll make sure you turn prospects into clients instead of losing them along the way. Find out more here>