How To Make Your Sales Letter
Better Before It’s Too Late

What a Critique And Tweak Can Do For Your Business

You’re an entrepreneur and you’ve decided to write the sales copy yourself. Maybe you’ve read some copywriting books, taken some courses, and learned different copy formulas.

That can save you a lot of money.

But I can tell you it makes sense having a proven copy pro look over your sales copy, pointing out what works, what doesn’t, and how to improve it so you get more sales.

I’ve been looking over and critiquing sales copy for years. For more details on my copywriting background, check out the about page, testimonials, or my Web Writing Wizardry website where you can see some samples.

Use my years of experience as a copywriter, copy chief, and creative director to make your sales copy better.

I created my critiques and tweaks service for those who want to do the copywriting themselves, but want some help from a proven pro.

I call it critiques and tweaks because in my experience it is a double process.

  1. Critiquing to understand what is missing or why parts of the copy are weak.
  2. And suggestions on how to make it better.

That process can turn a sales copy from a dud into a winner with a flood of new sales.

Here’s how the Critique and Tweak process works:

  1. I’ll ask you for some details on your target audience, offer, product/service, etc.
  2. Once I get your answers, I will go over your copy a few times and analyze it. Here are just some of the elements I will look for:
    • Overall flow
    • Is there a compelling idea?
    • Do you make an emotional connection?
    • Is the offer clear?
    • Can parts of the copy be phrased better to connect and sell?
  3. Then I will record a screencast video of my findings so you can "look over my shoulder" as I point out the weaknesses, what could be made better, the good parts, and my recommendations.

Then I’ll send you your Critique and Tweak video.

Here’s what I will Critique and Tweak:

  • A sales letters or video salesletter script
  • A sales webinar script
  • An email sequence (generally these will be associated with a product launch but don’t have to be). Up to 7 emails

The fee for analysis and a critique and tweak video:


For a limited time, the fee is only


Send me an email and tell me a bit about your project. If I have availability I will send you an email with a form and a link for payment.

I will send you your critique and tweak video generally within 7 business days after payment.

Send your email to: